Ms Lee Fun Nee

An experienced senior leader with over 20 years of teaching experience, Ms Lee Fun Nee has an impressive educator portfolio that includes numerous leadership positions in a reputable international school in Kuala Lumpur, as well as state and private secondary schools. Additionally, she has also held leadership positions in the corporate world before deciding to commit to education as a lifelong career. Ms Lee is an accomplished leader and educator who specifically focuses on building organisations and systems, developing leaders, and closely aligning and ensuring the consistency of curriculum content to meet the learning needs of students.

Ms Lee holds a Master of Arts in Education qualification from Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and has also been mentoring teachers in the PGDE programme. She earned her Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing and a minor in Human Resource Management.

Her other professional pursuits include an IB in Teaching and Learning Certificate, a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers, an Advanced Diploma in Business & Management and an LCCI Diploma in Accounting. Currently, she serves as an authorised IB Diploma examiner for the Mandarin Ab Initio subject.

Ms Lee strongly believes in preparing students for the real world by nurturing and inspiring them towards academic and non-academic excellence. She is passionate about developing students’ leadership capacity and providing opportunities for young people to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment. Ms Lee is a visionary leader who turns her words into action.

Ms Danielle Elisabeth Snyder

Ms Danielle is an experienced school leader in both primary and secondary schools. She has been working in education for 20 years in Canada, Korea and in Malaysia. Most recently Ms Danielle was the Assistant Head of International School for two years at KGS, and prior to working at KGS she was the Deputy Principal at an international school in Johor.

Ms Danielle has experience teaching in various subjects from primary through lower secondary. She has worked and taught the Canadian, IB and Cambridge curriculum. Ms Danielle has earned her Bachelor of Arts in French at the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor’s in Education from Nipissing University and her Principal’s Qualifications from Lake Head University.

Ms Danielle recognises that each child is unique and has different needs at each stage of their development. She is committed to providing all students with an education that meets their current needs while preparing them for the opportunities of the future. By allowing students to explore their passion, voice and talents within school life this will complement their academic progress. Ms Danielle is committed to providing an adaptive, inclusive and creative curriculum in order to meet the needs of our students and their future.

Mr Luke Kevin Blackburn

A dedicated school leader with a rich background in education. Mr Luke holds a BA in Sociology and a PGCE in Secondary Citizenship from Leeds Beckett University in the UK, bringing a strong academic foundation to our school. His experience as a GCSE and A-Level examiner offers valuable insights into the assessment and examination processes.

With 15 years of teaching experience, including a decade as a middle leader within Humanities and PSHE departments, Mr Luke is committed to student and subject development. Recent secondments in leadership initiatives and four years of experience in Kuala Lumpur have provided him with a global and national perspective, enhancing our school’s cultural diversity and awareness.

Mr Luke excels in curriculum development and uses coaching techniques to enhance teaching and learning. He is well-versed in 21st Century Learning Design and Digital Literacy as a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, ensuring our students are prepared for the future. Additionally, he had led the successful execution of whole-school events, creating engaging and memorable experiences for students and families, as well as developing pastoral initiatives that have contributed to developing the personal growth and attitude to learning of our students.

Beyond his professional achievements, he embodies personal attributes that make them him, an exceptional leader. He prioritises clear and consistent routines, ensuring a structured learning environment, and his organisational skills keep our international secondary school running smoothly. Mr Luke is known for his unwavering support and encourages collaborative growth among our staff, all the while prioritising student and staff wellbeing.

Ms Ranjinidevi A/P Radah Krishnan

As the Deputy Head of Sekolah Sri Knewton for Upper Primary to Secondary, Ms. Ranjini feels honored to carry out our school’s mission and vision of nurturing, inspiring, and empowering our students to reach their maximum potential. With a background in education, she has completed a Bachelors Degree in Arts (Education) and a Masters Degree in Educational Management, which brings 13 years of experience in teaching and 5 years in educational leadership, as well as a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Ms Ranjini is also a certified IB teacher and have an Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training, and Assessing Learning from City and Guilds for IGCSE. She has teaching experience in three different curriculums: IB, IGCSE, and KSSR.

She firmly believes that education is a transformative force that can shape lives and communities. Every student possesses unique talents and abilities, and it is our duty to nurture and guide them to reach their full potential. Ms Ranjini is committed to fostering a school culture that celebrates diversity, encourages curiosity, and instills a lifelong love of learning.

Ms Charlotte Maxmillian Golingai

Ms Charlotte is a passionate educator who has dedicated over 10 years to the field of education contributing to the academic journey of students from Kindergarten to Tertiary levels. Holding a degree in B.A. Education (Hons) TESL from the University of Malaya, she possesses a deep understanding of pedagogical approaches tailored to different age groups, fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that caters to the different needs of each student.

Prior to obtaining her degree, Ms Charlotte embarked on a journey of learning and growth by completing a diploma in English Communication from Kolej Professional Mara. This foundational experience equipped her with essential skills in language proficiency and interpersonal communication, laying the groundwork for her future endeavours in leadership roles.

Ms Charlotte’s teaching philosophy is the belief that education is a transformative journey. She is dedicated to cultivating a love for learning, encouraging critical thinking, and instilling a sense of curiosity that extends beyond the classroom. She firmly believes in the potential of every student and is committed to providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel academically and personally.

Mr Kong Khei Siang

Mr Raymond is an experienced Corporate Trainer, who has provided training for the retail operation industry in the past, and throughout his training, he has managed to upskill staff to be more competent in their jobs. He also has experience in different industries, such as Road Construction Management, retail, and training, for the past 10 years.

Mr Raymond holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing from Curtin University Malaysia. He is also a Certified HRDCorp Trainer who has completed the ‘Train the Trainer’ course, and he has been using his skills to train staff to upskill their work competencies.

Mr Raymond believes that teamwork and lifelong learning can ensure that a team works effectively in order to produce excellent outcomes. He is dedicated to bringing new change to the current working environment and to having both academic and non-academic staff be skillfully trained in order to serve the community better.